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Volunteer Registration is Now Open!

We are now seeking volunteers for our 6th annual San Antonio Book Festival on April 7, 2018. 

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Festival. Since its inception, more than 2,500 devoted Festival fans have volunteered their time and talent to make the San Antonio Book Festival a huge success. A volunteer’s job can be as varied as: author escort, “gofer,” greeter, parking coordinator, book signing guide, and supply manager. Each position is equally important and we are very grateful to all of our volunteers. Without you there is no Book Festival! Making a difference in the local community while having a great time—what could be better?

Volunteers receive a free T-shirt and access to the volunteer lounge for refreshments. Volunteers are encouraged to partake in the Festival fun after their shift has been completed.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Dempsey Warren.

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2017 Event Planning Committee Chairs

  • Author Book Bags

    Liecie Hollis and Lyn Selig

  • Author Breakfast

    Ty Edwards and K.T. Whitehead

  • Author Cocktail Party

    Leigh Baldwin, Mo Morehead, and Libby Morris

  • Author Venues

    Ruth Agather, Allan Jones, Kelsey Menzel, Jenny Puls, and Mari Tamez

  • Book Appetit Literary Feast

    Wendy Atwell, Georgia Erck, Angela Rabke, and Josie Seeligson

  • Book Club Outreach

    Tisha Cortines and Maria Salinas

  • Book It Luncheons

    Liecie Hollis and Tracey Lammert

  • Book Sales

    Helen Huff and Jenny Puls

  • Book Signing

    Caren Creech-Berlenga, Jenny Puls, and Maria Salinas

  • Central Market Cooking Tent

    Kristy Petlin, Tricia Royall, and Diana Barrios Treviño

  • Children’s Activities and Entertainment

    Viki Ash, Rachel Doyle, and Dell Villa

  • Educational, Non-Profit, and Senior Outreach

    Martin Acevedo, Rosa María Gonzalez, Helen Groos, and K.T. Whitehead

  • Festival Marketplace

    Tisha Cortines and Kevan Gunter

  • Fiction Contest

    Mark Kimberley and Tracey Lammert

  • Food Trucks

    Patty Carrillo

  • Geektown

    Martin Acevedo

  • Literacy Caravan

    Reese Russell and James Stewart

  • Lodging & Transportation

    Terry Brechtel and Patricia Pratchett

  • Logistics

    Cathy Obriotti Green

  • Parking

    Troy Yeglic

  • VIP Room

    Susan Brothers, Kathleen Danysh, Carmen Goldberg, Belinda Nixon, and Lyn Selig

  • Volunteer Check-In

    Bill Miller and Pat Miller

  • Volunteer Coordinators

    Jaime Maquet-Godfrey, Kara McGinnis, and Maria Spencer-Etienne

  • Volunteer Lounge

    Irene Kistler and Dinorah Hernandez

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