We need your COSA BOND VOTE for Texana in May!

The Texana/Genealogy Department is going before SA voters in May as part of the City Wide Bond Process. Because of your advocacy and the support of the Facilities Bond Sub-Committee, Texana/Genealogy could receive $700,000 with an additional $300,000 on the project reserve list for materials. It’s a heady time for our libraries and we are poised to move our system forward with a first class Texana/Genealogy Department at the Central Library (6th floor).

Please encourage folks to vote for the Bond in May!! The letter below is one of the collection’s many gems. Many thanks for your advocacy and support of our libraries.

First page of a letter from Joseph Wood to his sister dated 21 February 1861. At one point it discusses the surrender of federal forces to secessionists. The stationary was designed and printed by Erhard Pentenrieder (1830-1875).

Pentenrieder took active part in cultural life. In 1858 he was a founder member of the gymnastics association and in 1869 he was elected captain of the newly-formed fire brigade, known as the Hook and Ladder Company. Even more important was his membership of the Casino Club, founded in 1854. It set up its own club building in 1857 and organized
German cultural life. Its members performed theatre plays, for instance, in which Pentenrieder also acted. It was here that he met the artists W. C. A. Thielepape, Carl G. Iwonski and Hermann Lungkwitz. This circle may have provided him with inspiration for his most successful sales article: writing paper with a foliage pattern in green surrounding black-and-white medallions of the most famous buildings in San Antonio. Before him, Thielepape had already brought out stationery with a view of Main Plaza, but Pente
nrieder’s product, available from 1856 onwards, was far more elaborate. It showed the west side of Main Plaza at the top; the left-hand medallions showed the San Jose Mission, the Conception Mission, the Courthouse and a man on a donkey; those on the right showed the Alamo, the San Juan Mission, a Mexican hacienda, and a picture of a steer being caught. The stationery “Drawn from Nature by Erhard Pentenrieder” and produced by Pentenrieder & Blersch was soon extremely popular. It provided impressions of San Antonio for all letter recipients.

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