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Texana & Genealogy Collection

The Texana/Genealogy Department of the San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) currently occupies 10,000 square feet on the 6th floor of the city’s Downtown Library, and holds approximately 75,000 books, 60,000 microforms, 110 drawers of archival files, 11 map cabinets and over 300 cubic feet of archival collections.  Some invaluable, rare items in the collection include: a historic and extensive WWI poster collection, Gloria Cadena Archival Collection, a page from the Gutenberg Bible, Mission paintings by Hermann Lungkwitz, the Hertzberg Collection, African American Funeral Programs Collection, San Antonio photograph collection, programs from the Symphony Archives, and a King James Bible.

The Need and Future of Texana/Genealogy

The Library has already made the most critical investments in Texana/ Genealogy (established in 1916) — through decades of collection development, targeted staff training, and building excellent community and patron relationships. In 2015, SAPLF commissioned a professional appraiser to deliver strategic recommendations to reveal the value of these hidden collections, to revitalize public engagement, and  to showcase the Library’s most important cultural heritage resources, making them a foundation of civic pride.

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In May of 2017, City of San Antonio voters approved a bond proposition to fund a $700,000 partial renovation of the Texana/Genealogy area. These funds will be used to renovate the existing vault with a new climate control system and higher capacity shelving; implement best professional practices through other fixtures and equipment that allow proper archiving and preservation of rare and valuable materials; and activate efforts to facilitate better public access to these materials. Private resources will enhance this project and refresh the existing space to improve the functionality for researchers, consultation with professional staff and access to the collection. Innovative space reallocation will improve line of sight, safety, and staff engagement with visitors.  A complete transformation of space and the creation of a world class Texana / Genealogy Resource Center is currently under way.

Please note: During this renovation, the 6th floor of Central Library is closed to the public. Texana/Genealogy services and a limited selection of special collections are now available on the first floor of Central Library across from the main circulation desk during regular library business hours. Texana services are not available on Mondays.

Latino Collection & Resource Center - The San Antonio Public Library Foundation

Latino Collection & Resource Center

In fall 2017, the San Antonio Public Library celebrated the grand opening of the Latino Collection and Resource Center at Central Library. Within the first six months of opening, the center hosted 36 unique events that impacted more than 1,000 individuals and families. The 13,000-volume Latino Collection has increased 200% from February 2016 to February 2018. We anticipate collection usage and program attendance to continue to grow as more library patrons are exposed to the LCRC.

Little Read Wagon - The San Antonio Public Library Foundation

Little Read Wagon

An early literacy outreach program created by the San Antonio Public Library, the LITTLE READ WAGON is designed to support the development of young children’s love of books, reading and learning.

Little Read Wagon staff provide foundational literacy information and materials to parents, extended family, and caregivers of children ages birth-five years. Programs include an interactive “Play & Learn” for children and their caregivers. Services are provided free of charge at public libraries, childcare facilities, schools and community-based organizations.

The Little Read Wagon mission is to empower the San Antonio community with an increased awareness of, and the tools to support, early literacy skills.

Learn At SAPLF

A program designed to help adult learners achieve their individual learning goals whether those be learning English, getting ready for the GED, paying down debt, buying their first home, or finding a job. The program combines technology, tutoring, social work case management, financial counseling, and peer learning models for a holistic complement to existing adult basic education (ABE) in the San Antonio community. Opportunities for funding and donor branding include financial advisor training, financial literacy events, job fairs, counseling and workshops, etc.

Mayor's Summer Reading Club - The San Antonio Public Library Foundation

Mayor's Summer Reading Club

The greatest loss of reading improvements for school age children is during the three-month summer vacation when they are without academic stimulation. Programs are run throughout the city’s 30 branches; children and teens (and adults!) are encouraged to read at least 8 (or listen to 16 books) over the summer months and receive a certificate and a free book for their efforts. The most substantial costs come from the printing (reading logs, certificates for completion, program details, etc.,) along with giveaway books for those children who complete their reading goals. For decades, the San Antonio Public Library Foundation has been the primary source of funding for this program.

Capital Projects - The San Antonio Public Library Foundation

Capital Projects

The Library has significantly more need than it does funds. If we do not bring resources to these branches, the Library system will not have the funds to properly outfit the spaces with early childhood literacy and school-aged computers, safe spaces for teens, iPads and resources for seniors, programming for all ages, quality furniture and equipment, or an ample opening day collection of books and materials. Your gift makes a significant difference.